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At SafeClean we are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality services when it comes to carpet cleaning and pest control in Brisbane.

SafeClean was founded in 1985

Prompt & Reliable Pest Control Service

With our fleet of 9 fully equipped service vehicles, we are able to deliver prompt and reliable services every time via our friendly experienced team. We extend our professional carpet cleaning and pest control services to domestic customers, body corporates and property managers. We will ensure your property is back to its normal safe and clean condition.

Expertise & Professionalism Combined

Our team has gained status for their professionalism, expertise and their helpful nature. We have worked on a variety of properties ranging from mild to extreme conditions, giving us the experience and knowledge on how to keep your property pest and termite free.

Our pest technicians & carpet repair specialists are a tribute to our company, we make sure all our staff keep to a professional standard, honest and have industry experience. Each staff member will have clean uniform and will be careful in your house. We pleased to share that some of technicians have worked with us for over a decade.

Caring for your property

As per Australian Standards, pest inspections should normally be carried out at maximum intervals at 12 months by a competent inspector are of paramount importance.

Prevention is better than cure, if your neighbours have had problems with pests, or you suspect you are in a termite-prone area it may be wise to obtain a pest inspection. The cost of such a pest inspection compares favourably with the cost of eradication and replacement of affected timbers.

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Experience & Knowledge, That's SafeClean
  • Q: I found live termites! What should I do? Posted on: 19/06/13

    A:If you have found live active termites in your home or work place please DO NOT disturb them or their nests. DO NOT spray them with fly spray. The first thing you should do...

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  • Q: Are you pest control licensed and insured? Posted on: 18/06/13

    A:Yes all our pest control operators are fully licensed with the QLD Health and QLD Building Service Authority. License number 1011512. Our public liability insurance is with Pacific International Insurance...

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Our technicians are a credit to our business, we ensure they are professional, trustworthy and come with experience.

They take care when in your home and will have clean attire and a professional manner. We are proud to say we have technicians who have been with us for over 10 years.

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